Rhythmic Spirit

Music Education in Composition, Drums and Piano


This course of study is intended to provide a learning basis for candidates to fulfil their potential as a composer at a professional level.

LCM offer 4 grade levels namely grades 2, 4 ,6 and 8. In addition you will be given support materials and tuition in the art of composing for these grades. At each level a wide range of music styles from Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classical are included. So you get a chance to explore your own sound whilst submitting a portfolio of compositions to LCM.


If you're not keen on the more formal grading routes shown on this page then this may be for you. This series of lessons aim to help you develop your skills in electronic music composition and song writing. This is a particular area of interest for me as I am doing a PhD in Music Technology, Sonic Art and Composition. Learning focuses on the use of electronic music hardware and software to create original and contemporary music. Such as Logic Pro, Synths, Ipad controllers and apps. So if this is of interest then get in contact for a chat on how i can help you develop your electronic music skills. 


Mentoring and tuition are provided in helping you achieved a diploma in music composition. With your tutor you will put together a portfolio of compositions to be submitted to LCM for examination. These exams provide you with professional skills in music composition is a wide range of styles. The key purpose being to develop an original sound of your own whilst understanding the demands of arranging and larger compositions.


Have you ever wondered what it means to be a recording artist or session musician. If you have then these lessons are all about developing your talents in the studio. Lessons will focus on helping you record yourself and learn to be either be a session musician or recording artist. Further more you will get first hand experience at doing recording and sessions whilst taking away a portfolio of work to create your own online presence. You will also be given help in doing this including setting up your own website, facebook and twitter page.

FEES - 1/2 hour / 1 Hour = £13.50 / £27

All of the above courses are offered as one to one tuition or via Skype and facetime. Get in contact to find out more.